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My Favorite Place KAL mit Marianne Isager

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In Coronazeiten gibt es plötzlich eine Fülle neuer Möglichkeiten, so bietet Marianne Isager ab heute (Stand 4.4.20) einen KAL auf Facebook und Instagramm an, bei dem alle mitmachen können.

Diese deutsche Anleitung ist kostenfrei beim Kauf von entsprechender Menge Isagerwolle, bitte teilt gerne Eure Erfahrungen mit Euren Lieblingsplätzen, hier der englische Text dazu:

In these days where the corona dominates our daily life, it can be good to think of beautiful places you have been! I was recently thinking of a trip to Island, which I made in 1975. My camera broke, but I was lucky to have watercolors and paper and I made a lot of sketches, which I almost forgot that I had. It gave me the idea to the model MY FAVORITE PLACE, which is a poncho/vest knitted from side to side and in size S (M) L (XL), and it can even easily be in a bigger size. I have played with colors in Alpaca 2 and Trio and tried to reach the feeling of Island, from my memory.

IF you want to help with the testknitting and IF you want to think of an important place from your memory, we give the pattern free as a KAL from tomorrow in Danish, English and German translation, and we will be happy if you post your knitting to let us see the colors you have chosen and the story WHY ?

To join the project you must start with 3 x 100 g Isager Alpaca 2 and 3 x 50 g Isager Trio. Knitted together you also need a needle nr. 3 and 3,5.

My colors for Island are: Alpaca 2: A=E4s, B=36, C=60
Trio: D=Bordeaux, E=Khaki, F=Chestnut

Auch auf ravelry ist ein entsprechender KAL, freue mich, wenn Ihr Lust habt mitzustricken!!

Kommt gut durch die Zeit, liebe Grüße!


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